Save Keeseville’s Historic Bridges

Save Keeseville’s Historic Bridges

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Many people in the village of Keeseville say “Someone should do something about saving our historic bridges”.  Now is the time for everyone interested to voice their opinion.  It’s time to put politics aside, and let our voices be heard.  The Town of AuSable, Town of Chesterfield, Essex County and Clinton County need to do what is right and restore our historic bridges.  

Our walking Bridge is still open, but not maintained very well.  Trees are over growing the cables on the bridge, and the entrances need updating.  This gem will be the next bridge to close if it isn’t taken care of.  It is in desperate need of a paint job.

The Iron Bridge we all love is closed and scheduled for removal.  We don’t want it removed.  We would like both counties to do what they should have done years ago, which is agree to both fix the bridge and reopen it.

The Old State Road bridge is a local favorite and visited by many tourists.  NYSEG just rebuilt a multi-million dollar dam, and it looks amazing!  If this bridge were to collapse it would fall into the chasm and cost so much more to get it out.  Please fix and reopen this bridge.

It is understandable that this would take several years to do, but our town is known for it’s historic bridges.  Many people travel from all over the world to visit our town. We have gems here that people want to see, and it’s time to give some time, effort, and money into fixing this historical landmarks.