Home Occupation Class 2 Permit

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Hello, my name is Nakoda Bowles. I'm asking for your help and support on obtaining a Home Occupany Class 2 Permit. This permit will allow me to continue operating my business out of my home. I was born and raised in Mulberry, Indiana. My family has lived in Mulberry for 3 generations. 

Due to economic harship and the effects of covid-19 on the community, I started detailing automobiles out of my garage. Auto detailing is a passion of mine. Obtaining knowledge from working in the detailing trade for 10 years, I decided to take a leap of becoming a small business owner. Small business are the backbone to our economy. 

I started detailing out of my garage July 2019. Everything was off to a great start until a year later I got shut down for improper zoning. Being a determined individual, I have taken the proper steps to request a change for variance. On September 8 2020 I went to the Mulberry Town Board to plead my case to allow me to continue working out of my home and not to put me out of business. This would cause a substantial fincial burden to myself and my business. It seem like the odds were stacked against me from the moment I walked in to the meeting.Mulberry Town Board unanimously voted to not allow me to continue to operate a business at my current residence. 

The main reason I am reaching out to you today is to get as many signatures supporting myself and my business Str8 Up Detailing LLC. On September 22 2020 my request for variance will be brought up to the Clinton County Board of Zoning Appeals. This decision will determine whether or not I can not only operate my business from home and continue to pursue my dream of being a small business owner. 


The hearing is :

September 22, 2020 

6:00pm @ Clinton County Courthouse 

Frankfort, Indiana