To save midlands psychology

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Midlands psychology is a provider for autism and learning disability care for children. However recently the clinical commissioning group contacted midlands psychology with news of ending their service on September 30th 2019.  This is leaving families in distress with mid assessments and no work shops.  Alongside this service midlands psychology provide funding for AU-SUMS which supports those currently experiencing problems and not attending school. The group was setup to meet a need for those children who are left with no provision and for the families that become isolated,  lonely and often depressed. The group also offers parent support via their facebook group and also daytime and evening groups, they also support with school attendance and School meetings,  with which I myself have recieved this support recently. Without this group these children that are known for being so rigid in thinking  and socially behind is going to have a detrimental effect.

Midlands psychology has been a blessing to myself and my children for 1:1 appointments, support and therapy.( I have two children with full diagnoses and I don’t know where I’d be without the care and service from midlands psychology and the group Au-sums) 

I just want to stress how much sadness there is that the service of midlands psychology has ended, when it has helped thousands of families.  We need to keep it going for it’s 10th year and more . Families need this, it’s local to us, the children recognise the building and familiar surroundings and relaxed atmosphere which makes a big difference to these children. Going to a new building with new people can cause so much disruption and anxiety to an autistic child with the fear of new surroundings and people that it can set them back on the progress that the current service has helped so much to advance.