Steer Ontario's Economy Away From Greenhouse Gasses - Retain Cap and Trade

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Global warming is real and will have devastating impact upon our children and grandchildren if we don’t begin reducing our total greenhouse gas emissions

Considering the fate of cap and trade only through the lens of taxation misses its primary purpose. Cap and trade is a reasonable, market-oriented policy instrument designed to steer economies away from greenhouse gas emitting energy sources by including in their price an estimate of the true societal cost of greenhouse gasses.

The proposed elimination of the cap and trade regime without a viable, in-tandem replacement greenhouse gas strategy risks delay and even a reversal of greenhouse gas emission reduction progress.

Any near-term cost savings anticipated from dismantling cap and trade without an immediate replacement will be short-lived and eventually overwhelmed by staggering costs incurred due to the consequences of global warming.

Therefore, we petition you to withdraw Bill 4 and suspend further attempts to eliminate cap and trade without the government first demonstrating that it has a viable alternative to reduce greenhouse gases within the time frame needed to avoid the worst effects of global warming.