2 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Areeba Maryam

What is causing the intense climate change nowadays? Why is there more rainfall than normal? Why does the temperature gets higher and higher? Why are there floods in different parts of the country? The answer is in our hands and our daily routine. And the fact that it is no one but us who's causing the nature to destruct is very troubling. Well then, what are these causes...?

Destruction and imbalanced cutting down of trees... Take a moment to think about the greenery we see in our environment, is it enough for all the population of our country alone, just leave the world for now, the trees are not even enough for a country's population. Trees provide us oxygen, the bring rain to the climate, keep temperature balanced. And most of all, it gives us nature, which we do are not thankful of, and are destroying it.

 Not saying that we should completely ban the use of wood and stop cutting trees, but we should adopt the habit of planting trees in the places where there is nothing, just land.. when trees are cut, we should make it our responsibility to plant more to balance the inequality. My dear brothers and sisters, think about it once, give yourself a moment to think before its too late. We do not want our earth to be destroyed by our own hands.

Next is POLLUTION, yes, pollution. AIR pollution! We make bonfires, burn wood and other wastes into the air which forms a blanket over the surface of the earth, due to which the rays of the earth which go in cannot get out, and that's why the temperature goes on increasing, which cause floods, and unlimited rainfalls.

Please think about those poor people who have no shelter, no food, nothing to support them. The floods destroyed their everything. They have nowhere to go, we have to become their support, not just by donating things, but by improving the condition of our planet, just by reducing the extra and unwanted use of fuels, and burning unlimited wood. 

And the one terrible thing that bothers me so much is.. the frozen snow at the poles. Well, not fully frozen, the snows are also melting, and reaching the oceans slowly. yes SLOWLY, but only this much has caused so much damage then what would happen if we continue these careless habits?

The snow is going to melt and reach us if we do nothing and then we could not do anything, The temperature will rise to an unimaginable extent, there will be storms and floods almost everyday.


Because we are running out of time.



The current situation

Help us in spreading this to as much people as you can and do what you can for the peace of future. Creating awareness is the first step, and then taking the steps into act is the second. This will not profit any specific person but it is for our own selves.

Help us by signing this petition. We are students, worrying about the future. Please help us. Thank you!

-The Earth calls for help.



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Signatures: 252Next Goal: 500
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