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Cliff Natural Resources: Restore the Pensions You Have Taken From Labrador West Seniors

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Mining company Cliffs Natural Resources, Inc., has recently boasted record profits - but do their shareholders realize that these profits have come as a result of not only shutting down a mine that supported an entire town for many years but slashing the pensions of seniors and their widow(er)s? Pensions have been cut to the point that many can no longer afford the basics of life, and face life-or-death choices like whether to buy food or heart medication. 

Would Cliffs' investors be as proud as CEO Lourenco Goncalves seems about their profits if they knew they came at the expense of loyal employees and their spouses - who built a thriving town in a harsh northern climate, worked long and arduous hours in an iron ore mine, came home covered in black dust that penetrated any fabric for 25, 35, 40 years or more - and now, in what should be their golden retirement years, have lost most of the retirement fund, health and life insurance benefits they were assured their entire lives? Let's find out. 

Please make this petition viral. This affects not only Wabush, NL. This could be any resource-based town in North America under the ruthless, inhuman profiteering of businesspeople who seem to have forgotten that they are also people. Let's see if anyone among their shareholders, board of directors, or the governments involved has the humanity to reverse a cruel decision which has turned a 40+-year promise into a scam perpetrated on the retirees, widows, and widowers who kept up THEIR end of the bargain their entire working lives.


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