Changing the Cleveland Ordinance for mini pigs

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Marissa Buchanan
Marissa Buchanan signed this petition

In Cleveland Tennessee, many animals are being displaced from their owners. These miniature pigs are ending up in the animal shelter in extreme stress due to the loud noises and barking. Both pigs in our rescue at this time are from the Cleveland Area. One was surrendered due to the ordinance change and one our COO bailed out. Pigs are very smart, emotional animals. Contrary to popular belief, they can be litter trained easily and make great companions. I would like the ordinance that "All swine prohibited" to be changed to exclude Mini Pigs. Mini Pigs are not used for livestock purposes but are used for pet purposes. The USDA doesn't classify them as "livestock" because they have no Commercial Agricultural use. Please help us unite these pigs with their owners and protect future pig companions. 

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