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Please Fire Brendan Smith

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Cleveland PD is about to hire another police officer witha dubious and violent past. Brendan Smith is scheduled to graduate from the Cleveland Police Academy on Monday, January 5th.  Brandon isn't new to law enforcement, despite the fact that he's a cadet. He served on the East Cleveland police force for a few months in 2012 until he resigned right before he was about to be fired. Here's the reporting on the event that precipitated Mr. Smith's resignation, from an ABC affiliate in Cleveland:

Ohio - Two East Cleveland police officers have lost their jobs over their handling of a January traffic stop.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said the two officers pulled a woman over on Euclid Avenue near Eddy Road, apparently for running red lights. The woman backed into the officers' cruiser and then took off.

Norton said the officers got out of the car and then started shooting at the woman's vehicle. Ten or 11 bullets hit the car, and while no one was hurt, the mayor said the investigation showed the officers used unnecessary force.

"Just under that scenario, we had to review our shooting policy and we believed that our officers were not in line with that shooting policy," explained Norton. "When it comes to that use of force and that type of situation, we were left with the choice to terminate the officers."

NewsChannel5 tried contacting the police union representative, but he was on vacation.

One officer, Brandon Smith, was only a few months into the job. The other, Matthew Ferrell, had been with the department for several years.

Like the Timothy Loehmann situation, Cleveland PD didn't do their due dilligence in getting details of Mr. Smith's resignation from the previous police force he served on. A local affiliate published a story about Smith and his current attendance of the Cleveland Police Academy, which resulted in no action on the part of Cleveland PD.

Please rectify this situation by firing Brendan Smith as it's abundently clear that he's not fit to serve as a police officer.

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