Slow Down Lawton Street Cleta!!

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The Historic West End has been neglected by the City of Atlanta and its representatives for far too long. The roads, sidewalks, buildings, and parks have received very little attention until recently.

For over four years, our family has lived on Lawton St SW and from day one have noticed an unacceptable level of speeding motorists. We, along with our neighbors have all inquired and requested for our City Council Representative Cleta Winslow, as well as other city of Atlanta officials, to install some type of traffic calming devise, such as speed humps, along Lawton St.  

Since the beginning of 2018, there have been six instances of cars being hit, mirrors smashed off, and crashes. Last night, March 26th, a car traveling down Lawton street, was driving so fast that when they hit our neighbors car, their car completely flipped over. The car that was hit was pushed eight to ten feet backwards due to the impact. Both vehicles were totaled. Luckily everyone walked away fine. 

With the increasing number of pedestrian traffic and FIVE new babies to arrive this year on this section of Lawton St, we demand that the City of Atlanta take some consideration for the safety of our community. 

As Renew Atlanta has scheduled our street to be resurfaced in the next six weeks, there is absolutely no reason why the City of Atlanta cannot provide some additional asphalt for the resurfacing crew to use to add two-four speed humps on Lawton. 

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