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Stop The Communications Data Bill from being passed

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We are losing more and more rights. This will be another nail in the coffin of our rights to free speech.

We can't allow this to be passed. The people who participate in criminal activity will continue to do so. This will target the every day innocent internet user who will find themselves being prosecuted for trivial comments. A classic example is the woman who was arrested for saying that she'd throw an egg at David Cameron. It took them 4 weeks to arrest her. If this bill comes to pass then she would have had police knocking on her door sooner than that.

The British Government are about to demolish privacy with The Communications Data Bill, using a system of Deep Packet Inspection 'black box' surveillance that is a greater threat to the free internet than Trapwire, Indect, ACTA, SOPA/PIPA, or any other surveillance proposal that has threatened the internet so far. In effect, everyone will be on Big Brother if this Bill is passed.

What is being introduced is the notion of collection. Organisations that have no business purpose to collect information will be asked to collect this information solely for the purpose of some future potential access, because one of their many consumers may be relevant to an investigation down the road. That is the reason why this policy has never been taken up in a
democratic country: that sea change of requiring collection where there is no business purpose originally.

Privacy and freedom of speech campaigners have slammed the proposals for aiming to collect data about everyone's communications, and thus implicitly regard every UK citizen as a potential crime suspect, and potentially put legitimate journalistic enquiry at risk.

With the stated aim of catching terrorists, cyber criminals and paedophiles, anti-Bill campaigners have also warned that the very people the legislation aims to catch are the ones most likely to evade detection, suggesting that the government may end up gathering masses of data about innocent people and then seek to detect evidence of criminal behaviour within it.

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