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       YOU can make a difference in the future of Clemson's sustainability

       Higher education institutions like Clemson bear a profound, moral responsibility to increase the awareness, knowledge, skills, and values needed to create a just and sustainable future.

   Sustainability has become a key component of many major corporate and government strategies as the world recognizes the need to preserve our resources and use them more efficiently.  Ultimately, sustainability can be an avenue by which Clemson can pursue both its mission of being a "high seminary of learning" and its goal of becoming a Top 20 institution.

      The Student Sustainability Initiative (SSI) will be an optional eight dollar contribution students can choose in their semester tuition payment.  The funds will be used on projects that improve and promote sustainability on Clemson’s campus.  A council of students will be created to manage the funds with oversight from the sustainability director. Students will have the opportunity to submit project proposals for funding, granted they receive approval from the council. Examples of projects the SSI will fund: sustainability director position, sustainability starter kit (reusable shopping bag, CFL, reusable water bottle, etc.) for new student orientation, provide a stipend for Housing’s Eco-Reps, and initiatives to generate support for personal efforts to improve upon Clemson’s environmental impact. This initiative creates an opportunity for Clemson University to pursue sustainability and further demonstrate our Determined Spirit.

       Our mission is to educate people on the benefits of sustainability and to get all students involved in taking steps toward a more sustainable campus. The SSI funds will give Clemson the opportunity to pursue projects that improve and promote sustainability throughout Clemson’s community.

Learn all about the SSI with this PDF

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Letter to
Clemson University Student Government
This is it, we need your help!

Student Government is voting on the Students Sustainability Initiative this Monday the 19th!

This is a student opt-out donation option included on the tuition bill, a suggested amount of $8 to fund sustainability projects submitted by students and managed by a hybrid student/faculty committee.

View the bill here:

We need people to come watch the debate & vote. It will be at 7:00pm in the Senate Chambers. We will provide you an opportunity to leave at 8:00 so its not awkward in the event the debate lasts more than an hour. :D

More info here:
Facebook Event here:

Thank you all for supporting Clemson and and our efforts to become a net neutral campus!