Bring Back Clemson Wrestling

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The Clemson Wrestling program was removed as a varsity sport following the 1994-95 season. While the program had success, cancelling it meant more than losing NCAA championships that our wrestlers brought home. We lost a form of entertainment for our students during the winter. Wrestling matches are exciting events for students to attend, especially when tickets to basketball games are limited. ACC schools typically have about 7 or 8 home matches a year. It would provide students more opportunities to support our student athletes and show school spirit!


Wrestling is a combat sport that is full of excitement and rich in history. The ACC is a great conference for wrestling that would bring many exciting events to campus. The conference recently expanded adding a few northern schools that have wrestling programs. While the competition is tough, having the club as a base will help us compete immediately and continue the tiger tradition of success. Many of our students followed or participated in wrestling during high school as well and would enjoy having a team here at Clemson. The students who are not so familiar could be exposed to something new and easy to spectate.


The Clemson Club Wrestling team has begun the effort to return the program to varsity status, and they need support from the student body. The club team has reached new heights in recent years. The number of club members is higher than ever, having reached 52 students for the 2018-2019 school year. By signing this petition, you can raise awareness throughout the student body and help bring Clemson wrestling back to campus!