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College Professors who are not COMPETENT to teach ANYWHERE THE HATE THEY SPREAD. FIRE THEM

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There is absolutely no reason that these two professors should be employed by such great Universities as Clemson and Harvard with the hate that they spew and project on the College students they teach for not all share their same view and are just being bullied into to be ashamed of their political views and the color of their skin in most cases.  While it is ok to have your freedom of speech, It is NOT ok to teach college students the kind of ignorance and hate that spews the mouths of these professors is totally unacceptable. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH all this hate for THE WHITE RACE and or REPUBLICANS must cease now..   Their actions are inciting violence and discord, it is NOT what the good people of all races of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are willing continue to hear on a daily bases.

Clemson Prof Says All Republicans Are “Naive Racist Scum”, Calls for Violence
S. Noble-
August 24, 20170

Bart Knijnenburg, an assistant professor in the School of Computing at South Carolina’s Clemson University posted to his Facebook page that Republicans are “racist scum” and “naive” according to a college watchdog site.

They reported that Knijnenburg wrote a series of Facebook posts condemning the Republican Party as a whole. He’s no fan of Republican ideals.

“All trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum,” Knijnenburg wrote. When he was questioned, he doubled down.

“All Republicans? Yes. Your complacency made this happen,” he commented. “Pick a side: denounce your affiliation, or admit you’re a racist.”

Knijnenberg, who has taught at Clemson since 2015, condemned Republicans for sticking by Trump.

“I haven’t seen any of them renounce their political affiliation yet,” he said after a former student questioned his harsh generalization. “In fact, all of them fell in line with Trump once he became president. They selectively criticize him when it is politically convenient to do so, but they don’t take any actual sustained actions.”



THESE 2 are inciting violence and civil unrest to their students to be acted upon from them or their hate groups they are part of. When is ENOUGH, ENOUGH?? It is my hopes that the Board Members, Financial supporters and Alumni of these outstanding academic and sports University hear these words and find that it is NOT acceptable the hate that's projected from these professors and fire them immediately.






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