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My son is 14 years old and has severe autism, he lives in a residential facility. He loves to go to Clementon Park, a small amusement park in New Jersey. I want to get him a season pass. The problem is he would not always have the same caregiver with him. Which means I would have to buy a season pass for every potential person who would be working with him. I spoke with the manager of the park about the possibility of buying one and having the caregiver present a work ID, he said that would not work as it would cause too much confusion at the front gate. I am not sure if this is a violation of the American with Disabilities Act or just wrong!!

Letter to
Clementon Park, NJ
Vice President/General Manager David Dorman
New Jersey State House
and 2 others
New Jersey State Senate
New Jersey Governor
Please sell companion passes for those with disabilities. A person with a disability should not have to purchase several passes for different caregivers to assist them at the park!!! Please change your policy!

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