Clemency for Tanner (T.J.) Collins

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Just barely a man, and his whole life was taken from him because of the choices of others and his choice to trust everyone had the heart he did.

(This petition will not allow me to add photos but will provide all of these items at any time if youre hesitatant to sign, feel free to email for any info you wanna see for yourself)

1st. The victim was an older man who was very regularly involved with the cops for drug activity and violence. He was being violent with tanners aunt, but note that he knew tanner well, so when an officer asked him who shot him and what they looked like, he responded the shooter was a black male that he didn't know.

2nd. The man was shot with the 22 that the young lady Christy Taylor led the officers to in a bag. In the bag was also a 38 and a bandana. Now mind you the man mentioned to be the actual shooter was tanners friend. The expert stated tanners fingerprints were on the CLIP of the 38... not the 22 (the murder weapon that had the victims dna and prints on also), and that she couldn't say when he touched the clip, he doesn't deny seeing the gun before and holding it. 

3Rd . When this was all the officers prosecution had, they knew there was more then plenty of reasonable doubt, so they went to others offering them deals for them to testify against tanner. Faced with fear, the other traded testifying for a 20 yr sentence. And the others way less. HIS jury was tampered with and the judge had to remind the family many times not to contact the jury or tanners family. But no mistrial was granted.

4th . After being sentenced NATURAL LIFE at 22, being the only one out of all of them without any violent charges, (if you truly believe a bunch of violent offenders didn't do this and a young man whose helped raise and shield his siblings his whole life went from a cpl weed charges to murder , you need to read any basic book on psychology) his family received a notarized affidavit from an inmate stating he had talked to the other man and he admitted to doing this crime, the courts and police turned this down as any was to help.

NOW his mom, sister and brothers have nothing to help. They can't afford an expensive post conviction lawyer, they are still working towards paying off the lawyer they thought would free their missing loved one. 

This is not justice. This was the work of railroading a man because they had nothing else to go on and the prosecution used a random print to close a case and is gonna murder a young man by incarceration who truly just wants to be back with his family. 

We are requesting clemency or a sentence reduction. He has served 8 yrs almost, almost a third of his life. He has owned up to his mistakes. But because of his and his family's social status he is going thru unfair circumstances with every other florida inmate. The prison he's in doesn't even have an a/c system built in anywhere... they locked them down when they could order winter clothes, so he will be going thru horrible conditions during the winter too. 

A signature, share and a prayer.

That's all we need and god will work the rest out. FREE TANNER COLLINS , he's done his part. Thank you for your efforts towards this!

-family of

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