Redemption and Restoration to commute Broward Mitchell

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Broward Mitchell has served 18 years of a 40 year sentence. I  would like to share some of his story in hopes that there is mercy that takes place so that he is able to finish out the rest of his sentence on supervised probation. Broward Mitchell needs a 2nd chance. He has spent 10 years with no trouble. He is a encouarger to all that meet him. He has a smile that will melt your heart but the main thing about him is the love that he has inside of him that is a light to others. He is an encourager, great listerner, and willing to help whoever is in need. He's a hard worker and takes his job to the level of integrity. We need him in the world not in prison. He has a loving and caring family that stands behind him and that will do everything to help him succeed. Broward is not the same man that went in at the age of 20. Please help me to get as many signatures as we can as we stand in faith that he will be released on supervised probation.

This is truly a man of God! Please sign the petition so he can come home and be with his family and friends that love him. He deserves a second chance. No one is perfect and we all have made mistakes! God forgives us and loves us , so let's forgive him and show him our love. He will be an inspiration for all the world to see and believe!

I can guarantee that he will not be back in the prison system because he is a changed man that is willing to do what he needs to become a good standing citizen. Look at his record the evidence is there that a change has occurred. 

We are asking for the Grace that only can be given by the state. 

Thank you all,

Patricia Norris