Clemency for Travis Smith who was sentenced wrongfully!

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    Travis M. Smith gets 25 years in first drug trafficking case in which the lab results were wrong. It was not even 10 grams of cocaine!A  jury found him guilty of trafficking more than 10 grams of cocaine. The jury trial even deliberated 2 days before they made their wrongful decision! The evidence was tamperered with. After this conviction it was   discovered that Mark Kitchen the Spartanburg County Clerk of Court (during that time) who signed all of my brother's and other's paper work for their sentencing! Kitchens admitted to conspiring to take drugs from the Spartanburg County Courthouse's evidence locker and give them to Woodruff real estate developer Terry Lanford to sell in Florida.This also destroys the credibility of Mark Kitchen because he was a criminal who only received 70 months but convicting others with lesser charges with more time! That was another weakening factor in this case.              Travis M. Smith, must serve 85 percent of the sentence issued by Judge J. Derham Cole before he is eligible for parole. Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies arrested Smith and co-defefendent which wouldn't sign any statements or write any statement according to the motion of discovery. Charges against Wood  (co-defendent) were dropped from whom they retrieved the crack cocaine.The state of SC has a law that  cleary states the hand of one is the hand of all! What happened in this case? It clearly states the Travis M. Smith was an African American who was viewed as just another statistics and previous drug offender that was a target! Really he is a God fearing man who has helped and saved others from death. He has 4 kids he loves! He loves people and has given them his last if it meant anything to them. I hope God Bless everyone who signs this petition because you would make the best decision to help others. He has already served 8 years and need to be with his 3 young boys and 1 daughter before they act out of character from the absence of their father. Rapists of young children and murders get off with lesser charges that this! He can help his community because he has been strongly in bible study in prison while ministering to others, cutting their hair to share the love of God with them and improve their self esteem. Sign this petition to bring this man home. We love him. Thank you all that sign. Share this petition for a victory!