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Clemency for Roderick Walker - Life for LSD

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My best friend, Roderick “Rudd” Walker has been sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars - a life sentence without the chance of parole - for the non-violent offense of Conspiracy to Distribute LSD. He was charged with conspiracy because he was never actually found with any LSD.

One of the most important things about Rudd's case is that he was never found with any drugs - he was convicted based on the testimony of others, who were themselves bargaining down their own jail time for other crimes by testifying against Rudd.

He has spent over a decade behind bars, away from his two beautiful children and loving extended family. Because of minimum-mandatory sentencing laws, he will never see his family and friends as a free man. After 12 years, I believe that Rudd has paid the price for any perceived crime against society.

Rudd, a Grateful Dead fan once traveling the country to follow the music, can no longer travel past the confines of his small dingy prison cell. Rudd is an artist, jewelry designer, and holds great potential benefit to the human community. His gifts can never be realized while he is locked away senselessly until his death.

Life without parole is the second most severe penalty permitted by law in America, right after the death penalty.  This should be reserved for our worst and most violent criminals, not non-violent DeadHeads. Rudd is certainly no threat to anyone. He has paid his debt and shouldn't die lonley and forgotten in the depths of the criminal justice system for a non-violent drug offense. 

Recently the Justice Department announced a new initiative which actively solicits clemency petitions from inmates who have served more than 10 years for a nonviolent crime. Please support our petition for commutation (reduction) of his sentence, and help bring Rudd home to his family.

Rudd's sentence costs tax payers almost $30,000 per year. Almost a half million dollars has been spent on his incarceration and could easily add up to several million more over the next few decades. Rudd’s debt to society has been paid in full and he should not be caged for the rest of his life at taxpayer expense.

Your signature is critical in helping to bring my best friend home. Make a difference and help us right this injustice and bring our family together.

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