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Reinstate Stephanie Sisco and Stop Threatening Faculty Members who Disagree with Ms Downs!

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Mrs. Stephanie Sisco has been forced to resign as English teacher from Cleburne High School in Cleburne, TX.  The reasons stated are that she had a difference of opinion with the new principal, Leann Downs. 

Mrs. Sisco has helped many students take a better interest in English. My own children were not as savvy in the subject of English before having Mrs Sisco as their teacher. She helped them take interest in the subject and kept them engaged while they maintained a high B to a low A in English. In years prior, they had Cs and Bs. 

It has been stated throughout this year that anyone who disagrees with or stands up to Ms Downs is retaliated against immediately. Ms Downs treats these students as if they are in the third grade! I have been consistently trying to teach my own children to become responsible adults. Treating our students like they are in elementary school will not teach them to become upstanding members of society. 

There is another teacher that has been threatened recently, as well. This teacher is also one of the best teachers in her subject. She helped my daughter and both my sons pass her class. This teacher posted her support for her colleagues on Social Media and was threatened with termination today. Ms Downs has done nothing to raise morale or support of Cleburne High School. Ms Downs needs a few more lessons in running a high school effectively before returning as Principal. 

No teacher should be fired, forced to resign, or otherwise asked to leave their role as teacher or as an educator, simply because they believe differently than the Administration or Higher Ups. These teachers all have exemplary records and are very capable of continuing their position as teachers. Good educators are very hard to come by in this day! I, as a parent, am appalled to learn the school with which I entrust my most precious beings every day, would rather get rid of the teachers who care about their students, work hard to ensure their students succeed, and whom would gladly continue  working for pennies, simply because of a difference in opinion. Far too often, I have read about students and teachers involved in inappropriate relationships, and I've been thankful to have not come across that issue with my own children at Cleburne High School. My daughter is a senior and has never been involved in anything such as this, for which I am grateful. For Cleburne to terminate and threaten termination of their best teachers, as opposed to supporting them, is appalling. Please join me in asking the school board to step in and not allow these practices to occur and to reinstate Stephanie Sisco. 

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