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1)Terminate the employment of the bus driver. 2)Remove Mrs. Hand as the superintendent.

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Dear, Clearwater R1 School district Board,
Robert Gayle, President
Gary Hillis, Vice-President
Mary (Elizabeth) Pokorny - Treasurer
Matt Graham
Larry Morris II
James Seal
Jim Seal

   As you are well aware that one of your bus drivers has hit another motorist. On Thursday, April 13, 2017. What most of you may not be aware of is that myself and many other community members have called the school and the superintendent to report this driver driving too fast, and to let the school and Mrs. Hand know that this man has been driving the bus unsafely. On Wednesday, April 11  Mrs. Hand called my house to tell us that she contacted this driver and she told him to watch his speed and that she personally took care of the incident.

This route goes through gravel roads that are known to be more dangerous than paved roads. At points of the route, the road narrows at a point that only one car can be on the road at a time. The community is well aware of this and most of us like to avoid driving during bus hour. Even with the added danger of driving on these gravel streets, this bus driver continued to drive at dangerous speeds students asked him to slow down on a daily basis. He continued to ignore everyone’s concerns. He finally did it what everyone feared the most he wrecked the bus while it was filled with children.

   From what I gather from the information I took from students, witness, and the victim. Is that once this driver got over the 2nd hill leaving the city limits his speed increased from what students have told me. He then passed up a student stop where he then needed to suddenly stop and reversed to let the child off at the proper stop. That is when the bus struck the scooter who was behind the bus. The driver of the scooter jump from it and dove to safety. The driver of the bus then put the bus back into drive gear to go forward and ran the scooter back over. Where the scooter rested under the passenger's side of the front tire.

   The children who were on the bus now fear the bus. Which has caused much inconvenience for the parents and guardians of these students? By having to drive their children to and from the school now. Students that was on the bus some of them have started counseling and trying to work through their fears of the bus.  

   The community trusted this driver with the safety and well-being of our children. This man has been driving reckless and careless at dangerous speeds throughout the school year. Even after the community reported his driving to the superintendent and was “ talked to” by her. He continued his unsafe driving habits that caused this accident.

   We ask that this board terminate the bus driver employment. He has continued put the children of the school districts lives at risk. He has betrayed our trust and would not listen to our concerns and continue to drive reckless and shown no care for the safety and well-being of the kids on his route. This driver has proven every day to us that he was unwilling to slow down and drive the bus with the care the community came to expect out of a driver we all trust with the safety and well-being our children.

   We are asking the board to remove Mrs. Hand from the board as superintendent. Pending a formal investigation conducted by an outside agency. We believe Mrs. Hand was well informed of parents and community members concern of the way that this man has been driving the bus. She failed to handle the situation.

   Mrs. Hand negligent caused this situation and could've been easily prevented. Had she taken the concerns of parents and the community members seriously she could've prevented this from happening. Had she properly investigated this driver in a series manner? She would have found the concerns of the community to be true. The inaction of Mrs. Hand proves she is incapable of managing her drivers and prevent them from driving in a manner that puts our children lives in danger.

   The community is outraged that Mrs. Hand negligent and inability to manage her employees that lead to the accident. Had she handle the driver as she told us she did the accident would never happen. Her incompetence leads to an accident that put our children lives in jeopardy. We are thankful that none of the children was seriously injured or killed. We no longer trust that she is capable of protecting our children and lack the integrity to manage a school district.  


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