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Clearwater County Sheriff's Department, Nez Perce County Tribal Police: Stop protecting animal abusers and start enforcing the law

A family in North Idaho that is notorious for letting their dogs die on chains and leaving their horses in small pens, knee-deep in their own feces and reduced to skin and bones from hunger, has had numerous horses die in the last month from starvation and neglect. The animals had no shelter from the cold and died in the mud and snow, cold and in pain.

The Nezperce County Tribal Police were aware of the horrendous conditions and worked at a snail's pace to do anything about it, constantly passing the case from one officer to the next, doing nothing productive to help the animals. Two adult horses died while under their jurisdiction, even though a highly recognized and respected animal rescue group was standing by and ready to take the horses to live a safe and happy life in a sanctuary. The police were completely ineffective and did nothing as the horses were moved by the owners to a friend's property in a different county in an attempt to hide them.  

It was in Clearwater County that the youngest horse, an eight month old colt, died of malnutrition and neglect. Even though the local Sheriff's Department had received numerous calls from community members about the conditions of the animals, nothing was done.   On the day that the baby horse was found dead, a concerned citizen called the Clearwater County Sheriff's Department where the dispatcher was rude, refused to give her name, wouldn't pass the call off to her supervisor, and then hung up on the caller.

Why is nothing being done to help these animals? Why aren't the authorities enforcing the laws? Why are tax-paying citizens having their calls purposely disconnected when they call with their concerns?

It's time to fight back for these animals! Tell these police departments that cruelty to animals is a crime and you want the laws enforced!

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