Allow Kratom To Remain Legal In Clearwater, FL.

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We the people of Pinellas County, Florida can attest to the City Council of Clearwater that kratom has served as a positive influence in our lives. The demonization of this plant has reached levels of near absurdity in the United States. Research into this plant teaches us how harmless it truly is. Ingesting kratom, primarily in the form of tea, has been an integral part of our transition into a sober lifestyle. Its psychoactive properties are minimal, while its medicinal traits change lives. We belong to a thriving culture in Pinellas county that is entirely centered around sobriety, community, and rehabilitation. To take kratom away would be to take tens of thousands out of their communities, and many of us, out of sobriety. Research into the FDA's claims of kratom-related deaths tells us that kratom, in all cases, is merely present in the body of the deceased. It is rarely, if ever, the only substance found in the toxicology report. Suicides, homicides, and multiple drug overdoses make up the entirety of these reports. These reports involve drugs such as fentanyl, amphetamines, and alcohol. However, while the discovery of kratom is often reported, the true cause of death remains ignored. Considering the enormously positive impact kratom has had on our lives, and the complete lack of conclusive evidence to suggest this plant is a danger, we insist that it remain legal.