Broadcast Iceland’s tv advert raising the awareness of palm oil and effect on wildlife.

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This advert raising the issues of the rainforest being destroyed and taking orangutans and other wildlife’s habitats.

We can help to save the orangutans by buying sustainable palm oil products and Iceland is helping by removing unsustainable palm oil and promoting this issue.

The reason I feel so strongly about this issue to protect the planet for the next generation as I have just had a baby boy and the way deforestation is going he will not see the beauty of the world as I have. He will not know what wild orangutans are there will be none when he grows up. I feel this advert should be aired to reach a big audience and to raise the issue even further. It’s amazing that Iceland has done by removing palm oil from their own brand products and we need all retailer and manufacturers to stand up and make a difference by following suit. This is the best Christmas advert I have every seen and want it to reach far and wide so we can all deal with the issue and make a change. Thank you for standing with me and making a change. 


#NoPalmOilChristmas #SaveTheOrangutans