"Clear Vision for 2020 - Man/Woman in the Mirror Challenge"

"Clear Vision for 2020 - Man/Woman in the Mirror Challenge"

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Sterling Wilder started this petition to the Citizens of Lynchburg

There are challenges facing our community and there are opportunities that can be leveraged.  We are better together, and as I have said for the last 20 years . . . "It takes a village." 

Let's get 1,000 people to become a part of the solution!

The "Clear Vision for 2020 - Man/Woman in the Mirror Challenge" requires each of us, as individual citizens of Lynchburg, VA to ask this question . . .

"What change do I want to see in my community in 2020?"

It requires me, as an elected official, and you to look in the mirror and say to ourselves . . .

"I am the Change!"

The goal of this campaign is to have 1,000 of Lynchburg's citizens to sign this pledge, making the commitment to be a part of the change we want to see in our city.  



In 2020 I make a commitment to do one or more of the following:

MENTOR at least one youth in my community, by starting a mentoring program in my place of worship or participating in an established mentoring program such as:

Building Young Men and Women Mentoring – meets 2nd and 4th Saturday's, 11:00 a.m. at Jubilee Family Development Center, 1512 Florida Avenue, www.jubileefamily.org    

Big Brothers/Sisters of Central Virginia - www.bigcva.org 

REGISTER at least one new voter and vote for leaders that care about the issues that affect our people.

BE ACTIVE in at least one group that works for change and social issues in my community – fraternity, sorority, social, civic group or from my own network.  Some options include:

Lynchburg Voters League - meets 3rd Thursday’s, 6:00 p.m., Court Street Baptist Church, 517 Court Street                                                                                 

NAACP Lynchburg Chapter – meets 4th Thursday's, 6:00 p.m., Diamond Hill Baptist Church, 1415 Grace Street

One Community, One Voice-Lynchburg – Meets 1st Thursday's, 11:00 a.m., Living Word Ministries, 9th and Taylor Streets, www.ocovlynchburg.org

Unity in Our Community - Meets 1st Saturday's, 9:00 a.m., Court Street United Methodist Church, 621 Court Street

I will ENCOURAGE my place of worship to adopt social issues.  Some suggestions you might make to your church may be to:

Adopt a family and lead them out of poverty;
Start an after-school tutoring program;
Start a mentoring program;
Adopt one school to volunteer;
Participate in one of the ten available Bridges to Progress committees - (their goal is to reduce poverty and increase median household income through civic engagement);
Contact United Way of Central VA

I will VOLUNTEER. Some options include:

Volunteering in the Lynchburg School System to help a child in our community

Volunteering at my child’s school and help them with daily homework

Volunteering in one of the Lynchburg City School’s programs such as Bedford Hills Boys Book Club; Heritage, Sandusky or Perrymont Elementary's Reading and Math Tutoring Program; or Robert S. Payne's Male Mentor Program (contact christianza@lcsedu.net or swilder@jubileefamily.org)

Volunteering with at least one local inner city program such as a Parks and Recreation Neighborhood Community Center (College Hill, Daniels Hill, Diamond Hill, Fairview Heights, or Yoder Center), the Greater Lynchburg Boys and Girls Club, or the Jubilee Family Development Center                                       

Volunteering with at least one non-profit organization and give a donation annually

INITIATE my "Passion Project." I will ask myself the question: "What area am I passionate about and how can I make a difference?" My Passion Project is __________________(write it down on paper).

I will not complain about issues in my community or blame others in 2020.

I will be the change I want to see in my community, even if I must walk alone.

By: Sterling Wilder, Lynchburg City Council Member

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