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Reinstate Eugene Maima in Clear Lake High School

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My name is Eugene Maima, a junior student in Clear Creek Independent School District.
I am an aspiring student, an exceptional student with a 4.8 GPA and a key player on my school’s basketball team, a member of the Clear Lake High School Safe School Ambassadors Program, and National Technical Honor Society. I am studying to become a medical student in my community. Unfortunately, as a consequence of the unjust actions of the school district, I have been forced to leave my school and finish out my year at Clear Brook High School, 8 miles away from my house, which is 1.2 miles away from Clear Lake. Removing me from my school and placing me in Clear Brook mid-semester has affected my GPA, my school records, my classes, and accessibility to several state credits that I have worked for.
-Their reason for my withdrawal and subsequent placement at Clear Brook high school was based on claims that I mainly lived with my mother in a neighborhood in the Clear Brook zoning area. I did in fact live with my father on Bay Area Boulevard which is zoned to Clear Lake high school and had produced a lease agreement and utility bill as required by the district. Records will show that I was very ill during quite a long period at the beginning of the school year and spent some time with my mom at the house as she tried to nurse me back to my health and helped me keep up with my assignments. It was during those times that officers paid visits to the home and apartment.

-Clear Lake has been my current school for three years*
-I have been part of the Clear Lake Junior class for almost an entire semester
-I am a part of several programs and clubs that affiliate with Clear Lake*
-I am an ISM student AND a member of the basketball team, a combination that is not permitted at Clear Brook* (Both are 5th period classes)
-My mother made a huge sacrifice and put her “Clear Brook-zoned” home up for sale so that it wouldn’t give the district any argument as to where I live.
-I currently live in the district zoning area affiliated with Clear Lake, as my previous house has been vacated and is now up for sale*

-As an ISM student, my mentor is located right off of Bay Area Blvd, the same exact street as Clear Lake High School. This provides for an easy commute between the three locales.*
-As an ISM student I have to provide my own transportation to school, then to my ISM Mentor’s office, and then back to school again. Living on Bay Area Blvd, this would be extremely difficult to drive from Friendswood (Clear Brook) to Gemini Rd. (ISM) and then back to Friendswood (Over 15 miles of commuting a day for a high school student)*
-A lease agreement and a utility bill has been provided as proof of residency even though the district has rejected the documents stating that they are “not sufficient documentation to substantiate a change of primary residence.”

*Denotes claims that would qualify student as eligible for an intra-district transfer

The members of the district that determine the fate of my education seem adamant on preventing me from going back to my rightful school for some unknown reason. Every student in CCISD is required to provide only either a lease agreement, or a utility bill as proof of residency. This is stated from the continuing students section:

I am reaching out to the public for assistance. I urge you to sign this petition in hopes that maybe it will convince the district to either:
A.) Accept my proof of residency and allow me to go back to Clear Lake High School.
B.) Accept my reasons as valid for an intra-district transfer back to Clear Lake.

No one should ever have to go through the things I’ve gone through over the past few months. I went from a starting role player on my school’s varsity basketball team and a solid student working with great teachers that I am familiar with, to a struggling student trying to catch up with the new curriculum of a brand new school with brand new teachers mid semester, unable to play basketball nor able to afford the gas money associated with driving to school everyday.

Thank you so much,

Eugene Maima

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