Things to Consider When Buying a Clean Room Cart

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This article serves as a guide to buying the right clean room carts. Carts made of stainless steel and are highly recommended to meet the specific requirements of the clean room. It is always better to choose the clean room cart constructed of stainless steel as it is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. If you are looking for clean room carts for biology lab or any other kind of technology clean room, this guide will surely help to get one.

Choosing the right furniture for your clean room can be tricky because of its special requirements. One needs to make sure whether the furniture i.e. tables and carts are seamlessly helping to carry out the normal functioning of the workstation or, are doing the other way round. It is very important that the clean room carts and other equipment adjust properly by providing a comfortable and safe working environment.

Finding it difficult to choose the right option for your workstation? Please use this guide to help you select the perfect clean room cart which will not become an obstacle rather will help to effectively accommodate the available space by making the process smoother.

There are basically two types of clean rooms; technology clean room and, biology clean room. Biology clean rooms focus more on air filtration to remove any microscopic containments from the air as compared to tech clean rooms. But, no matter what type of your clean room is, this guide will be equally helpful to select the perfect equipment.


Stainless steel is the type of steel having at least 11% chromium in its composition which makes it corrosion resistant. It is always recommended to use the carts made of stainless steel in the clean room as it is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals, heat and rust. Especially, when it comes to manufacturing Pharmaceutical products, stainless steel is the safest choices due to its resistance to acids, chemicals and gaseous materials and it also prevents product contamination.


It is an electrochemical procedure to smoothen the surface of metals. Carts made of electropolished material are best suited for clean room environment as they are very easy to clean and meet all the hygiene requirement of the clean room. Electropolishing makes the metal non-absorbent hence increasing its durability. Moreover, as the clean room needs to have a very hygienic environment, electropolishing can easily meet those requirements as it reduces the roughness of metal surface so that no microorganism can hold on it and can be cleaned very easily through sterilization or detergents.


Casters of cart may seem simple components but the wrong selection of them may prove troublesome. They need to be sterilized, again and again, so keep in mind the following caster features while buying a clean room cart.

o   The caster should be able to hold the weight three times more than expected.

o   Caster wheels must be able to resist high temperature

o   Choosing a stainless caster would be a good decision as they are very easy to clean and have anti-contamination properties.

o   Bearings, forks and brakes made of stainless steel would be a plus as it prevents the rusting and corrosion

o   Wheels made of corrosion resistant thermoplastic are also good to consider.

o   Non-marketing casters are more preferred because the clean room floor surface is extremely terrazzo and pristine.


Find clean room equipment manufacturers who specialize at designing standard and custom made clean room carts made of stainless steel. There you can find any kind of cart to meet the specific requirements based on size, purpose and dimension. These carts are best for any kind of environment whether it is pharmaceutical or aseptic.

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