Birmingham CAZ - Why Highgate? Yes to Digbeth, No to Highgate!

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hatim rajabali
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We have not had any modernisation to this area for at least 20 years yet Highgate is included in the CAZ scheme. The streets in Highgate are over littered with rubbish, the Council does not have time to clean them but they want to spend millions in cleaning the air. We are all for clean air but not the expense of our financial lively hood and! We need clarity on all the below points and how it affects us?

We have schools here in Highgate- How does it affect parents who drop off their children?

We have Community Centres, Mosques and Churches in Highgate - How does it affect its members and visitors who travel for worship and events during the day and nights?

We have many type of businesses in Highgate - How does it affect its employees and customer and suppliers and businesses?

We have landlords who rent property in Highgate - How does it affect the rentability and values of the properties?

We have residence in Highgate - How does it affect them?

We have been investing our lively hood in Highgate do not cripple us now!