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Clean Up Terowie - Remove the asbetos and provide clean drinking water


People have the right to live in a safe environment free from harmful toxins.

The people of Terowie live exposed to asbetos and are unable to drink their water, not even boiled. This has been happening for 40 years and it is time for a change so that these people can live in a healthy environment.

Please send an email to the ministers responsible for the areas of health and environment to let them know that it is not ok to ignore this problem anymore. If this happened somewhere in Adelaide, someone would be on to it straight away.

Help the people of Terowie to enjoy life with clean drinking water and healthy air they can breathe.

Thank you

This petition was delivered to:
  • Minister for Health, South Australian Government
    Jack Snelling
  • Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation
    Ian Hunter, MLC

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