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The Petroglyph National Monument is a major asset for the City of Albuquerque and New Mexico, but its rich trove of cultural and natural resources is threatened by inability of the City and the National Park Service (NPS) to cooperatively manage two-thirds of the Monument which is City-owned land.  As a result, there are no consistent management standards or patrols protecting the invaluable rock art for which the Monument was created.

The Monument is being poorly managed by the National Park Service (NPS) and the City of AlbuquerqueParts of the Monument are unsuitable for tourists to visit, either because they are trashed or unsafe. Some parts continue to be impacted by off-road vehicles, vandalism, and trash dumping.

Tell the city of Albuquerque that you want them to Clean Up Petroglyph!


Letter to
Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Richard J. Berry
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Albuquerque, New Mexico Mayor Richard J. Berry.

Save Petroglyph National Monument from neglect

I am writing to request your assistance in promoting the protection of the cultural and natural resources within the Petroglyph National Monument.

The National Park Service (NPS) and the City of Albuquerque agreed that the lands in the Monument, including the City-managed lands, shall be perpetually managed in accordance with the Establishment Act of 1990 and the Cooperative Management Agreement of 2008. Unfortunately, the Monument historical lands have not been properly managed by the City of Albuquerque or the National Park Service.

As examples, in the City-managed Piedras Marcadas Unit, there is extensive spray-painted graffiti marring the Monument boundary at the head of Piedras Marcadas Arroyo along the Twilight Homes subdivision wall. At this same location is an unsightly scourge of construction waste dumped on the petroglyphs.

City-managed lands have been further desecrated by scarring from off-road vehicle abuse in the Northern Geological Window. Heavy and extensive erosion has occurred where a motocross course, easily visible from satellite photos, has been bludgeoned into low hills.

We believe the NPS, which administers and maintains the Atrisco Unit of the Monument, has the clear authority under the Monument’s enabling act to enforce its laws on City-managed lands in the Boca Negra and the Piedras Marcadas units of the Monument. Thus far, the NPS has not done so citing the absence of consent from the City.

The current agreement also does not authorize NPS Rangers to enforce City criminal ordinances within the Monument unless the ranger is commissioned by the City. There is a glaring need to remove this restriction on NPS rangers doing their jobs so that they can act to protect and restore damage in the City-managed sections.

We ask that before the signing of the new Cooperative Agreement in May 2013, changes be made that clearly allow the NPS to manage the Monument the way it was originally intended by Congress in the Establishment Act of 1990.


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