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A recent article by Winston Salem Journal reporter Bert Gutierrez has uncovered major unethical and corrupt behavior by County Attorney Stacy "Four" Eggers. It has came to light that Eggers has authored all of the controversial resolutions passed by the Watauga County Board of Elections including the proposal to combine 3 precincts into one Super Precinct, the resolution to eliminate early voting on ASU's campus, and decision to move ASU's polling location to the BYOB nightclub, windowless, flood prone building, "Legends."

When asked if Luke wrote any of the resolutions, Four Eggers responded "You’d have to ask him about that." Even Josh Howard, the Republican Chair of the State Board of Elections said of Four Eggers serving on the Board of Elections "I don’t think he can do both jobs because the county attorney often has to advise the county board of elections."

This is not acceptable for the voters of Watauga County and we're calling on Nathan Miller, Chair of the Watauga County Commission to ask for Four's resignation as County Attorney. In addition we're asking the local Board of Elections to rescind all resolutions written by Four Eggers and to hold a full public hearing to restore confidence in our democracy in Watauga County. 

Will you help echo the voice of thousands of voters who want the corruption and nepotism in Watauga County to end today? Sign our petition and stand up for your rights!


Letter to
Chair, Watauga County Commission Nathan Miller
Watauga County Commissioner Perry Yates
Watauga County Commissioner John Welch
and 5 others
Watauga County Commissioner Billy Kennedy
Watauga County Commissioner David Blust
Executive Director, NC State Board of Elections Kim Strach
Chair, NC State Board of Elections Josh Howard
Legal Counsel, NC State Board of Elections Don Wright
Clean Up Corruption in Watauga!

We're in need of your action in Watauga County, NC. We're falling victim to massive corruption, overt nepotism, and we no longer have confidence in our Board of Elections or the actions they've taken in the past two months.

We're asking the Watauga County Commission to demand Four Eggers' resignation due to the recent article uncovering his unethical and corrupt behavior relating to the Board of Elections (read more about it here:

We're also calling on the State Board of Elections to rescind all resolutions Four Eggers authored and to hold a public hearing before other resolutions are passed to restore confidence in our Board. In addition we implore the State Board of Elections to reject the Boone 2 polling location change to Legends, an inadequate, flood-prone, windowless BYOB nightclub.