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Dickerson pike in East Nashville,TN  is home to some of the roughest people in the state. locals call it Dick pike and for good reason! only a few blocks from downtown is were those girls prance back and forth so seductively. driving through you notice alot of drugged out or nappy looking individuals. the vast majority of the street  consist of  old run down homes and cockroach motels on both sides of the street.  after work,I stopped on Dick pike just the other day to fuel up, which i hate to do in this part of town. while pumping gas a ambulance,5 patrol cars, and a firetruck zoomed by with lights flashing and sirens blarring!!  Emergency vehicles frequent this street on a regular basis, so i didn't think much of it? Whenever i arrived home i flipped the news on to find breaking news on Dickerson pike once again. Only a few blocks down  from that same fuel station, bloody and develish activities had taken place. 3 crazed well known cocaine dealers/pimps had  drove by and shot a young child to death. its time to end the never ending tragedies that take place on Dickerson Pike!!!

Letter to
City Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors
Cheif of Police Steve Anderson
City mayor Karl Dean
and 4 others
Representative Jim Cooper
Senator Lamar Alexander
Senator Bob Corker
Governor Bill Haslam
we are asking for the cheif of police to minimize the Cocaine and prostitution problem on Dickerson Pike. middle Tennessee citizens have seen to much violence and senseless death on Dickerson pike over the years, due to the uprising issues with cocaine and prostitution.

Thank you,
East Nashville citizens

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