Withdraw the current plans for the Blanchard River Watershed project in Findlay, Ohio and clean the Blanchard River by removing all barriers and sediment constricting the free flow of the river.


We the people affected by the Blanchard River Watershed Proposal want the plan currently set by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Buffalo District withdrawn as it is impractical as there is no guarantee that it will accomplish the goals set forth in preventing flooding to the City of Findlay, Ohio.

The City of Findlay must stop building in floodplain areas and must dredge or remove buildup of sediment and any barriers constricting the free flowing of the river. Don't blame agricultural for all of the City of Findlay’s flooding problems. Hancock County rural residents should not completely shoulder the cost and take the loss of this enormous mistake.

Why is this important?

Obliteration of century old family farms, homes, businesses, churches, cemeteries, historical landmarks.

Complete elimination of many livelihoods for the current generation and all future generations.

The proposed purchase price of highly productive farmland is less than ¼ of the current market value. Land purchased would be permanently out of production and would no longer pay property taxes.

Landlocked areas homes and businesses surrounding the proposed diversion channels will be created. 

Induced flooding to areas that have not normally flooded.

Destruction of the natural habitat in the surrounding areas including numerous American Bald Eagles nests.

Why should you support this petition?

No guarantee it will work while spending millions of dollars of federal taxpayers money for this massive "failure" of a project.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers proposed flooding plan will cost millions of federal tax payer’s dollars to construct with no provisions for the maintenance, the damage to infrastructure (roads, etc), and loss of income to Hancock County.

The proposed flood plan is unrealistic as the computer model used to create the proposal demonstrating an even two inches of rainfall over the entire surrounding area. In reality this never occurs.

Place the blame where the blame belongs. Lack of foresight in allowing urban development in flood prone areas has taken away the capacity of the ground to absorb water.

City of Findlay’s urban development has contributed to their own flooding problems by adding fill-in dirt that are in natural floodplain areas.

Millions of federal dollars will be sought to fund this project.  Do you want to use your hard earned tax dollars for more federal waste?

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