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Clean Indoor Air for All Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvania first passed its Clean Indoor Air law in 2008, which banned smoking in many public places. While this was a significant first step in protecting Pennsylvanians from the dangers of secondhand smoke, the law included several exceptions that continue to expose workers and patrons these dangerous toxins.

The time has come to remove these exemptions and enact a comprehensive clean indoor air law that will protect all workers and the public from the harms of secondhand smoke exposure and level the playing field for all businesses across the Commonwealth. 

A comprehensive clean indoor air law is necessary to protect all Pennsylvanians from the dangers of secondhand smoke. All workers deserve to be protected from the harmful pollutants, including carcinogens, of secondhand smoke exposure. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania’s law still leaves many workers in the hospitality industry exposed. Only by enacting comprehensive clean indoor air legislation can we give all Pennsylvania workers the protection they deserve.

Tell your legislator the time is now to enact a comprehensive Clean Indoor Air law and to support Senate Bill 35!

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