AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia - Show Us Your Plan To Sell 100% Renewable Energy by 2021

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It's Time For Climate Action

Australia has a reputation for dangerous animals. But even the most poisonous snake can't compete with our weather. This is a harsh continent to live on, and it's only getting harsher. Fire, flood, droughts - each new event is 'the most extreme'. It's too late to debate whether or not climate change is real - extreme weather is happening and will keep happening whether we like it or not. We must take action.

Each day, more and more Australians add their voice to the call for change, through organisations like, and civil protests like the School Strike 4 Climate Action, where more than 10,000 school students across Australia walked out to protest climate change. Healing our environment is critical to the survival of all Australians present and future.

Big Three Energy Companies Top Polluters

On February 28, 2017, the Clean Energy Regulator released data that showed Australia’s three biggest energy generators – AGL, Origin Energy, and EnergyAustralia – are the country’s most polluting companies, responsible for nearly half of the emissions from Australia’s entire electricity system. 

Company value is about more than just financial return - and the Big Three know this. On 24 October, 2018 AGL's Senior Manager Sustainability Reporting Cathlin Thurbon published an article on company value. "Long gone, too, are the days when these social and environmental issues were thought of as “soft” or side issues, that were somehow separate to the creation of shareholder value." It is time for the Big Three energy providers to step up and show the Australian community that they are committed to helping our environment heal.

No More Empty Promises - Release Your Business Plan

So, enough is enough. No more flashy sustainability statements that say everything and do nothing. No more empty promises. It is time for the Big Three to commit to transform their businesses into 100% renewable energy companies by the end of 2021. Release a business plan to the public and show us that you intend to commit to environmental sustainability.

Work for the Big Three?

Prove your value to the Australian public and campaign for sustainability. The decision you make today will shape the Australian economy and society for decades. Make it a positive one.