Clean Air? Be Aware. | Reducing air pollution levels in Greater Manchester.

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Tasnim Khan
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Through this petition and campaign, Clean Air aims to raise awareness on the dangerous air pollution levels within Manchester, and ultimately hopes to work towards a goal where the general public are hyper-aware of their environment and the difference they can make through making lifestyle changes.

Dangerous air pollution levels in Greater Manchester are causing a devastating impact on the health of the public and is costing the regional economy £1bn every year, according to a new study.

The report found that toxic air is reducing life expectancy in the region by an average six months and, over the next century, estimates “1.6 million life years” will be lost unless action is taken.

“For too long, the debate on air pollution has been focused on London. But now for the first time, we understand the full extent of the problem in Greater Manchester. We simply cannot allow this to continue.”
The study says the Manchester region faces a similar air pollution challenge – caused principally by transport emissions – to London where the mayor Sadiq Khan recently outlined plans for an extended ultra low emissions zone. But it concludes Manchester has neither the powers nor the strategy to tackle the issue.

The report found:

- Central Manchester has the highest rate of emergency hospital admissions for asthma in England, more than double the national average. North Manchester comes in second place.
- Manchester council ranks as the second worst in England for PM10 particulate pollution, which is linked to conditions such as lung cancer and asthma.
- Hotspots for dangerous air quality include Manchester’s Oxford Road, which exceeded legal limits 90.

While the UK government continues to drag its feet over its legal and moral duty to meet legal limits of air pollution in the shortest time possible, it is essential that local and regional leaders, including the mayor of Greater Manchester, do everything they can to protect people’s right to breathe clean airtimes during 2018/9.