We request that Gobalize remove from sale all merchandise with the label "Retarde"

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Retard, is hate speech. People with Intellectual Disabilities, their friends and family are offended by this term. The use of the word "retard" is to demean, devalue and bully people. 

Whilst the original use of the word was for medical or clinical purposes, it has now become slang for "dumb, stupid, less than and devoid of value". It also serves the purpose to further reinforce old sterotypes that People with Intellectual Disabilities have no value, gifts or talents and are unable to make a positive and worthwhile contribution to the Communities in which they live. This is not true.

Hate speech of any kind should not be tolerated in our Society, please sign this petition and send a clear message to Globalize and it's Director, Mr Clayton Cross that the R - word has no place in our language, let alone on a shirt. Mr Cross stated in the Adelaide Advertiser today that "the kids (meaning People with Disabilities) need to toughen up" - No Mr Cross, you need to stop using hate speech to sell your merchandise. 

Please show your support and sign this petition. I have included links below for the article in the paper today and also The R- word spread the word, to end the word.

Thank you for your support. 

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