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Petitioning Clayton County and the State of Georgia

Clayton County and the State of Georgia: Stop ignoring the needs of seriously mentally ill citizens.


This summer we sat down with Bloomberg news reporter Tom Moroney to discuss Salih and SMI in Georgia, here is the honest yet painful to read result. Please share, please sign our petition.

On October 4th 2012 Salih Mahdi was admitted to a long term care treatment facility after being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2006. 

It only took six years, 10 FELONIES and many broken homes.


 My younger brother Salih hasn’t been able to hold healthy socially recognized conversation since 2005. While living at home he attacked several family members including children. He walked around the house and neighborhood nude. He would sleep in the park and behind dumpsters. He only ate food that was burned black to avoid poison. He was convinced he could communicate through telepathy. This was our daily life.

Because he hadn't "hurt" himself or someone else there was NOTHING, the County or State could do to help our family out of this daily hell.

He sexually assaulted two different women at a local Wal-mart, Still no mandated medical attention, only jail. He was caught on camera in Macy’s exposing himself; he went to jail instead of a mental hospital.

 Each time my brother or someone like him is released your community is affected, because on June 6 2012, Salih raped a young mother of three.

Salih was never treated properly for his illness and for years got sicker in a jail cell instead of a hospital. The choice for medication was his to make. Through neglect and ignorance on behalf of Clayton County lawmakers and Georgia Medical professionals a sick and dangerous young man was untreated.

What we want is simple and LIFE SAVING

1.       We seek a mandated Recovery Program/Plan for SMI citizens with a proven record of violence and the inability to care for themselves.

2.       We seek Mandated housing with Professional care for SMI citizens with a proven record of violence and the inability to care for themselves. We seek an extension of private care homes with a supplement for the placement, acceptance, counseling and care of SMI citizens.

3.       We seek a separate court procedure for SMI and MI citizens regardless of crime.

4.       We seek a MI police unit that is knowledgeable about mental illness law and procedure.

5.       We seek access and inclusion. Care-givers (of SMI citizens with a proven record of violence and the inability to care for themselves) deserve direct access to relevant records and behavioral briefing prior to release from intuitions and jails. If a SMI citizen made threats or became violent while detained, the care giver must know.

6.       We seek the elimination of “home rule” governing Georgia counties and MI. MI citizens should have access to recovery regardless of country limitations.

7.       We seek a realistic end to the continued belief that SMI is a choice. SMI citizen need mandated recovery intervention to save their lives and protect the community.

Letter to
Clayton County and the State of Georgia
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Clayton County and the State of Georgia.

Stop ignoring the needs of severely mentally ill citizens.

When citizen are too sick to care for themselves or have a proven record of violence from mental illness they can become a burden or a threat to society. If they remain untreated they risk depleting health, personal safety, limited access to care and healing. If severely mentally ill citizen are violent and not in compliance with society expectations they risk the safety of everyone in their community.