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Toxic EZ Base at J.L.Wilkinson Elementary School

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The residents of Clay County are concerned about the health, wellness and safety of the students and staff at J.L. Wilkinson Elementary School. There is a toxic chemical at the school and surrounding areas, known as EZ Base. If you are not aware of what EZ Base is, please read further to learn how dangerous this is.

EZ Base is recycled power plant coal ash. It was produced and distributed by JEA. It consists of heavy metals such as arsenic, chromium, mercury, vanadium and many others. These are known to cause health issues, cancer and even birth defects. It is believed that many residents have cancer due to this toxic substance near their homes. Some known locations where EZ Base has been dumped are at the school, on local dirt roads, down Carter Spencer and at Camp Blanding. These are just a few areas. The state of Georgia actually demanded JEA to remove the EZ Base from their landfills due to health concerns. 

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection gave JEA authorization in 2005 to market the product. Officials did not intend for the material to be used near waterways where it could leak chemicals into wells. J. L. Wilkinson uses well water. In 2013, the Board of County Commissioners sent a letter to JEA to stop spreading EZ Base in Clay County. 

This has been brought to the attention of County Commissioner Gavin Rollins, recently at a public meeting. Dozens of residents had concerns and personal stories of being exposed to EZ Base and made Mr. Rollins aware of what we want to know and for him to expect the citizens of Clay County to get to the bottom of this. This is our county and we will not sit back and let corporate greed ruin what we are leaving for the next generations. We will find those responsible for allowing this toxic substance to stay in Clay County and why it has not been properly cleaned up. The reports are staggering as well as the levels of toxicity that was authorized, fabricated and swept under the rug. This has been an ongoing issue and nightmare to some residents and is now staring our children, teachers and faculty in the face daily. 

We expect answers as to where this is located, we expect to see reports of any clean up or cover up, and expect a meeting to address the concerned parents. 

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