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repeal the fine and conviction of Annette Betancourt

Annette Betancourt has been charged and fined because instead of doing nothing, she chose to put her own money into a Trap-Neuter-Return program for cats that were already living on the streets around her home and neighborhood. Now she manages this feral colony by feeding them and is being charged with "owning" more cats than the ordinance in her city provides, which is four. This is just another example of government being overzealous and a private citizen being punished for a geed deed. In fact, the incidence of cats yowling decreases drastically when a TNR program is put in place because the breeding stop and the fighting also decreases. The cats are hit by cars less, because they are not lured as far from their place of residence by mating and territorial disputes. The decrease of fighting decreases the spread of disease among cats as well. And even if she were ordered to stop feeding the cats, or take down any sort of shelter provided for them, the simple fact is that they are not her cats. The laws were likely put in place to curb an animal hoarder and to dissuade citizens from keeping too many pets in their home, and while the number of pets that a citizen can care for differs family to family or person to person, Annette does not confine these cats to her home, and therefore they are not hers. Being that the cats were already there to begin with, it is akin to the township having a litter problem, doing nothing about it, and then fining a citizen for putting out a trashcan on their lawn after collecting the trash.
Please sign this petition in support of Annette and make this court an example of how people who care for animals can come together to support a cause.

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