Let Clavietika join Discord again

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Please!! Have mercy with this disgraced soul, the only thing I ask is be back again, I won't do any harm, I will be a good user, please forgive me, I'm innocent, I'm terribly sorry for the things I have made wrong, I will do whatever you ask me for, I'm a pathetic person and the only thing I have is my server, please, I will be a good admin, and I will send to you thanks every day if you able me again. I will treat with love all the people I will talk to, being grateful of my second chance.

I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry for all the mistakes I made and I swear for my own life that I never, never had any bad intentions whatsoever, people making a false rumour about me has made has made me go through a mental breakdown because it represents my reputation being destroyed forever, I swear for my life that I'm a good person, please tell me what I have to do to come back, please, please I beg to you, have mercy with me, I will do anything, I just want to go back to my server and hide of the world once again, please forgive me, please forgive me, please, I'm a pathetic person that is stupid, but not malintent, I swear.