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pass the schoolbus camera safety bill into law

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This a petition to get the schoolbus camera safety bill passed into law. The bill was proposed by Senator Catherine Young. This bill is to put cameras on the arm of the arm of the stop sign on the schoolbus that is activated when the schoolbus is at a complete stop with red flashing lights. The camera will take picture of the license plate and car who overtakes a stopped schoolbus and there will be a summons mailed to that negligent driver!  This is extremely important for the safety of children, parents, grandparents, sitters, nannies, the general public. Childrens lives are NOT expendable!  The lives of the parents, grandparents, sitters and nannies also not expendable!  The need to pass this bill is long overdue. The other issue is that at the present time that police officers can only issue summons for drivers that overtake stopped schoolbuses is if the officer personally witnesses the violation.  There are limited patrols of police cars to be able to be at every bus stop at every place and every time.  This is especially why it is crucial and necessary to get this bill passed into law. The importance is especially for the safety of children and those with children, but also to deter and stop these negilgent drivers from committing such an atrocity! 


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