CLAT should introduce better system of conducting exams rather than an offline exam

CLAT should introduce better system of conducting exams rather than an offline exam

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CLAT 2019 : Another Catastrophic Law Admission Test?

Year 2018 saw the conduction of one of the most controversial CLAT exams ever, in the history of it's ten years of continuous conduction. The CLAT Conduction Committee among the various accusitions of mismanagement, fraudulent activity during exam, etc. released it's self prepared result. The results , as expected met with a huge amount of criticism, retaliation and protest throughout India. The conditions worsened with time, and a plea for re-conduction was filed, though it was later turned down by the Honorable Supreme Court of India. For the first time the people were made aware about the insanely translucent way the CLAT was being conducted all these years.
The remedy provided by the CLAT Committee, though it looked promising, was nothing more than a LOLLIPOP to silence the discontentment among the aspirants.

Well, it's said that - “A man who learns from his mistakes ,is bound to emerge as a better man”, but CLAT, judging by the recent announcements looks no tad closer to finding an effective solution, on the contrary it looks as if its going for a full fledged public execution of whats remains to it's legacy and prestige !

The CLAT Permanent Secretariat announced that it's going to conduct the CLAT 2019 as an offline exam, well this news has indeed left a lot of us gaping with wide eyes. It's just like the plea of moving away from EVM's to the old school Manual Ballot Voting, the only difference being that they did accept the proposal of going back to the stone age. Well, without deviating from the topic, was this the only full proof and unbreachable plan they could come up with? Instead of devising a more secure and stable method of conduction, they decided to roll back to the less secure and already out of date pen paper test style. Two minutes of silence for those Charles Babbagian machines!

Well for those faction of people who think that this system is staunch, let me, in a nutshell, put forward a few facts that may re-mould your perception about the staunchness of this system. So, beginning with the most basic and easily foreseeable disadvantage - “The Papers are going to take a lot of time to evaluate .“ Not just this, the CLAT Committee is surely going to take up this plea of manual checking and earn more profit by hiking its already pointless fee, cheers to the business. As if making a 20 crore profit last year wasn't enough.

Secondly, accept it or not, corruption is very prevalent. When those highly secure online exams could be tampered with, how can I, as an aspirant, sit back and relax knowing that OMR's are no way even close to those secure databases ,and that too when I am sitting for an exam well known for having examinees with tycoonic fathers and families. And finally how can I , as an aspirant, am supposed to blindly believe that this old school method isn't going to cause time lapses which even those modern era devices couldn't evade.

Okay, I know that nothing can be 100% secure and upto the point, but what about the fact that CLAT Permanent Secretariat is deliberately overseeing these facts. Well, it's now or never. It's time for us to think the way thing need to be done. If those intellectuals at the CLAT Permanent Secretariat are clueless, it's the job of us, The Aspirants, to show them the right path because it's our life that is at stake. So, lets raise our voices and ask CLAT to take better steps and ensure fair and just conduction of CLAT, because no more CATASTROPHIC, CALAMITOUS or CHAOTIC Law Admission Test will be accepted . It's COMMON LAW ADMISSION TEST that we all want !

Raj Shekhar