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The hardcore longtime fans of the original Grand Funk Railroad (power trio rock band of the 70’s) continue to make statements on social media fan sites concerning lawsuits brought by two of the three GFR Ltd Corporation’s members (Don Brewer and Mel Schacher) against their other corporate partner and former bandmate, Mark Farner. As noted in the current suit filed in early 2018, an allegation is made to the effect that GFR fans are confused. Confused about the two groups because of Farner’s alleged misuse of the GFR name and trademark as well confusion about his own band’s name; thereby causing GFR harm. This petition serves to inform the two GFR Ltd members that the above inferred fans claim such a statement about their being confused is simply false. Said statement is resented. True hardcore fans aren’t ignorant. They know and understand the difference between Grand Funk Railroad and Mark Farner’s American Band. They have made themselves aware of each band’s histories. They are aware of the professional and the personal plights among Mark, Don, and Mel that have taken place over the years: both positive and negative. Said fans are not random concert goers who have no real insight into either band.  The statement that Mark Farner is causing confusion for these fans is obsurd and humiliating. The fans consider such a statement about them insulting and derogatory thus promoting anger. The fans understand that they aren’t aware of all the behind-the-scenes issues concerning the personal lives and professional matters of the band. Yet, they do not want to be treated as ignorant fans in/by the GFR lawsuit. For almost Fifty years, true fans have enjoyed the music. Many pleasant memories have been made over the years while listening to their GFR or Farner music at home, at a concert, or other places. Many fans have become musicians themselves because of the musicianship of Farner, Brewer, and Schacher. The three are often referred to as “our heroes.” It is requested that this petition openly and collectively inform GFR Ltd (Don and Mel) that they are the ones causing confusion, frustration, and harm to the fans, etc. not Mark Farner. The fans are bewildered and angered by such a reference about them in this new lawsuit. GFR Ltd, we love you, but your behaviors aren’t helping your fans maintain the good feelings they want to have about you. Please do not destroy the great memories. Your choices have and are causing harm to all concerned as well as a loss of fans. Please, be aware. The fans are not appreciative of being used as pawns in the current lawsuit you’ve filed. In essence, this petition is to counter your statement about how fans are confused. The signatures herein made by hardcore longtime classic Grand Funk fans provide evidence contrary to your statements.

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