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Class action against FaCS CPS DoCS DHS ~ Return Our Children To Their Loving Parents Now

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Our beloved children were unlawfully assumed in a severely unjust illmanner, they are Alaska 8yo, Mana, 5yo and Silver 3yo. Alaska was a breastfed baby for 2.5yrs and Mana & Silver were stolen at birth on the account of fabricated, illegal documentation without defence due to being allocated a guardian ad litem under the false guise of mental illness when there was no mental illness found. The doctor (Dr A) who acted on behalf of DoCS/FaCS has 5 charges of sexual assault convictions and has to have a chaperone around children, and his accomplice Dr Gary Persley supported Dr A’s successful application for non-publication and suppression orders. I blew the whistle on Cardinal George Pell prior to the Royal Commission in 2012, and the reprisals were my children being taken and all consecutive babies. My case is a matter of character assassination and illegal undertaking by governing bodies and individuals in the legal system and police force. This is a public interest matter as CPS/DoCS/FaCS have made rhetorical errors in their assumptions for 230years and the trail of devastation is grandscale and needs to be stopped, children need to be returned, and sorry will never suffice. This is the modern day stolen generation and what misery is left in the wake of these abductions by our government need to cease now.

I was/am a loving, supportive mum who lives for my kids, they’ve come first always, then in 2011 my partner had a breakdown and hit me, I went to a refuge as we were on holidays and police said I had to follow their commands as they had notified DoCS, Dept. Of Community Services, now FaCS, Family and Community Services (which confuses people when they try suing them, in my case DoCS claim it was the departments errors, though since their name change the latter wont be held accountable for what the department did, what a cop out).

When I was at the refuge my kids and I weren’t healing due to the other women there having just lost their kids and they were on drugs and messed up, they said no woman leaves here with their babies, I was 5 months pregnant, just weaned my 2 yr old and my oldest was going into teens. I tried helping these women, I never thought that I’d be next. There were no grounds, I simply said ‘I feel like i want to die’ ~ that was 5yrs ago, I never meant literally, the way I said it was the same as all the others who say it randomly with no intent, just as a figure of speech, that was the day after I had just found out that Cardinal George Pells residence was in the same town, next door to the DoCS (FaCS CAS CPS) office and the words others spoke included that since I was pregnant they will take my baby like all the others, one baby a week gets taken from that hospital and given to sick foster homes where kids have been found to be abused, and DoCS/CPS have a deal with Pells childcare centre, there’s even a layman on the premises who was found guilty and retired by the Vatican, thats where they send the kids they take, I even met 2 kids who ran away from that place they were looking for cigarette butts to smoke at 11pm, they were 8 & 10 yo, they told me what they went through and said they told DoCS they were being molested whilst living on the premises (Pell has an orphage where the kids who run away from foster parents or misbehave get sent to live, at night the sound travels and you can hear the kids screaming) so I told someone about what I saw and heard, I then packed up my children and went to my car…I was blocked by refuge staff who claimed they were told to stop me from leaving because I was under the DoCS/CPS run refuge’s jurisdiction and had to be screened. As I was blocked, the cops were called by staff who claimed I had made a death threat to myself, which I hadnt (ever since then I’ve been through so much more and never self harmed, ever, and heaps of people claim they’ve said similar, but with me it was taken completely out of context) so I walked away from the nasty officer who turns out to be the son of an evil jail wardon and this cop was already relocated because the last town hated him so much, well he dragged my pregnant body to his vehicle and they drove me to the hospital, scheduled me, and wrote a false report to the psych ward which they believed, meanwhile I remained calm and was jumped by ten or so blue gloved freaks jabbing me with a needle, I woke up in the secluded end of the hospital, no windows, completely doped up. The kids were taken from the refuge that instant, moments after I was taken away, so upon waking from the drugs they put in me I screamed out for my kids and banged the walls crying out for my kids, then they jabbed me again and took me to isolation. Prior to this my record was crystal clean, I worked with kids everyday of my life, I was a nanny before I had kids and I was sound. I had spoken to a staff member regarding Pell and the stolen kids just moments before mine were next. I tried helping other people, I spoke out. This was one year before Cardinal George Pell was found guilty for pedophilia through the Royal Commission.

I was released from the hospital that very afternoon with no mental illness, just grief, shock, trauma and loss, put out on the street in a strange town, didnt know anyone except the women who also lost their kids, so the social worker told me I should stay at the hospital for the weekend until I went to court, that way they could write something good if they saw me calm and settled. I stayed there for that reason, also I didnt know what to do without my kids, they didnt fucking care if I killed myself then, crazy how thats the sick excuse for taking them in the first place, because I made that comment, what I meant was I could crawl under a rock and die, a complete figure of speech in a distressing time, my partner and I loved eachother, we’re still together now, 9yrs we stayed together, he treats me well. So after the kids were gone isnt that when u’d fall in a heap, so anyway they left me for dead. Court came on the Monday and DoCS had ordered the hospital to drug me up or I was not to leave the hospital for the courtcase. The documents at this first stage said ‘no mental illness’, also said that I was not scheduled anymore, voluntary, which was the verdict on the first day. DoCS refused to subpeona the true medical account from the hospital which would have shown truth that I was mentally sound. Since my record was clear, CPS put me through a vigourous hell, all the while hurting my kids and I in extreme ways and manipulating my emotional response all so they could create a reason for their assumpion (stolen children), and as they could not produce a reason for the Magistrate, they did their best to create one, all the while destroying me in person and on my paperwork. Despite their undying efforts to acheive their goal, I handled it very well, keeping it together at all times. This wasn’t what they wanted, and each day of my pregnancy they caused harm by their abusive measures to win their fraudulent case. This turned into war, as DoCS would have to explain to the magistrate the grounds for removal, and there were none, it still remains blank on court documentation to date, and since the community was already crying out for DoCS to listen to the kids who claimed they were being sexually abused by the system, Pell and foster parents, the gov couldnt risk exposure, plus they knew that I was onto them, the same DoCS manager that ordered drugs to silence me was the same psycho that refused to help the kids who claimed pedophilia, she kept on saying to the parents (I found this out l8r) that children lie u know!

So rather than miss the courtcase by refusing medication, I pretended to swallow but they made me show my mouth, so they forced me saying it wasnt their decision, that they were told to do so, by the very woman who orchestrated this ordeal, Sue Morrison, since my case she has been relocated on occassion after the royal commission found Pell and others guilty of sexual abuse, Ms Morrison was named by victims to be guilty of sexual abuse herself.

So I went to court drugged up, and this was new to me. DoCS had arranged (primed and pre-empted) the crappiest lawyer who didnt represent me, instead I was given a guardian ad litem, latin for we own you, she was close with the DoCS manager, she was also the royal commissioners wife. Gov flew her 1000km, weekly, for a year of my court cases where I was forbidden to produce an affidavit, refused evidence, and was put back into the hospital until the birth of my baby under confinement. I was subjected to months of archaic ill treatment, put into a dungeon like room with no toilet, and I was vomiting and crappping and they’d leave me in there for 13 hrs at a time most days. Then came the pedo doctor who wrote (fabricated) false documentation claiming I had a personality disorder after seeing him for 7mins initially. My research later proved to the medical council and health care complaints commission that he had, has, 5 charges of sexual assault convictions and has to have a chaperone around children, he was the clinical director of mental health, and throughout my courtcase he applied and was granted a non publication order and suppression order so I couldnt expose him, he was granted them on the grounds that his own children were too messed up already and more exposure of their daddy would put them at risk of harm (his own 17yo daughter tried to kill herself on poly pharmacy overdose, she was probably sexually abused no doubt) so I had no chance of winning my case.

Two years later my partner and I had another baby and she was taken at birth too, based solely on the previous uncontested and false paperwork. Four children stolen and any future babies, until paperwork is rectified and the Australian government won’t set the record straight due to accountability and transparency, also a failed legal system. They character assassinated me over a long period so it’s almost impossible to undo, to date. Certain involved persons have left their positions since commiting these deep and perverse injustices, and the ones who remain deny any wrongdoing despite their department admitting that if current laws were in place back then as they are now then this wouldn’t have been allowed to happen, thats a slap in the face, much like 230yrs of the aboriginal stolen generation which made the grade for a national apology in 2009, sorry day, and merely does not compensate the losses of several generations of broken hearts.

We fell through the cracks in the system.

There are illegalities at every twist and turn in this brutal case, lawyers and councillors (for the purpose of jumping through hoops) have all regarded this case is a 'can of worms'! Some say 'It's too big'... the manager of Legal Aid said its one in the top three of the worst cases of injustices she has ever seen in her 16 year career, and one of the top Sydney Barristers stated in a Linked In message that even his credentials aren't adequate for this case...the common denominator amongst all legals is that the wife of the royal commissioner has a team of 'silks' behind her, she is Barbara Ramjan, the then once off Guardian Ad Litem whom suppressed my case (she hugged the DoCS manager on the final order court day in front of me) is married to QC Greg James, a powerful figure who received an 'Order Of Australia' accolade, and according to all legal practitioners the two of them are untouchables. QC Greg James was also the mental health tribunal board chairman at the time of my case and also Eddy Obeids criminal defence barrister. He was aware that the Clinical Director of Mental Health at the time of his engagement was on suspension from practicing on any females due to his sexual misconduct, he had 6months to go of his 3 year suspension in Qld, DoCS in Lismore requested his services in NSW to write me off with a personality disorder after he saw me for 7 minutes where he diagnosed me falsely. He defamed me as a consequence of me standing up for my rights, I also told him not to touch me as when he did it was unlawful and obtrusive, he requested I do certain things which are of a sexual nature. He is a mental health practitioner, not a GP, and he tried to do an internal examination during the final stages of my pregnancy directly underneath the installed CCTV camera, I said ‘no’, so he wrote on my file that I refused to co-operate, which looked bad for me in court as DoCS were against me...I told him he will be exposed, mark my words, then my file surfaced with more defamitory false statements by him which DoCS used against me...the whole while I was sane and still am, despite the grief, shock, trauma, loss and PTSD, also the fear and heartache amidst legal proceedings, aswell as exhaution, both physically and emotionally of which I'm in constant recovery, also my partner, the father of my children. This case is strewn with a string of malfeasance and malpractice.

Last year I phoned to see if the Dr Gary Persley (the initial signatory of my corrupted medical record) was still in the Lismore area (where this occurred), and I was told he had relocated to Tweed Heads hospital, so I phoned them and asked for the doctor. The nurse responded well...I asked her if she minded if I recorded our conversation and she was fine with that, allowing me to record. During the call she declared she was appalled by this doctor and stated something needs to be done as she works with him and said she didnt become a nurse to witness the things she saw, she offered me luck and well wishes and hoped I would succeed in getting my children back, also in my seeking justice in regards to the doctor. There's many dirty hands in this case proverbially speaking and civil lawsuits are necessary to absolve my marred casefile.

The doctor is a convicted pedophile, and he once claimed that it was ‘powers above’ when I questioned his wrongdoings in my case, at the time I only suspected he was a pedophile by the way he acted, and later in 2014 the paperwork arose with his claim of non publucation and suppression orders which were granted in 2012, I was researching and found via the Medical Council to be the case. The signatory of my paperwork is by Dr Gary Persley, the doctor who signed the orders application to write me off so they could succeed in my kids situation. These two psychopaths (Dr A & Dr Gary Persley) have gotton away with so much, then with my courtcase they thought they would be exposed so applied to the medical council to be granted non publication and suppression orders pushed though five days before my case in 2012, so I couldnt expose them for 3 yrs. The day the orders lifted in 2015 was the day I wrote to the medical council of NSW, they immediately wrote back saying my case has been excepted, granted review by the H.C.C.C, Healthcare Complaints Commission, that's when I was stopped by the cops who protected the cuplrits and once again began the series of reprisals for my whistleblowing.The orders were granted due to the mental health clinical directors own children's welfare, to help prevent his daughter from trying to commit suicide as she had already tried, and to protect them from further harm if daddy got more charges for what he did to me and others. He mistreated me in a grotesque way and during my retaliation I kicked the petri bowl away from me as I was being pinned down by four large men at nine months pregnant as I was being injected with sedatives and dragged into isolation days before my labour began, kept in a mental hospital until the birth of my baby and then proverbially thrown from the facility the moment they took my newborn at birth. I was left to fend for myself. I saw my baby son for the first two days whilst still in the hospital and was deemed by the nurses and midwife to be a natural loving mother, there were only good reports by medical staff regarding my welfare and my babies health and happiness, also the nursery clinician made a comment that she wishes all mothers were this natural at breastfeeding! I was refused access to see him for one month, their reason was that I refused to sign a document stating I would not breastfeed, their excuse was that my baby was not settling with the bottle in his foster home. My milk was perfectly flowing at the time so that alone was painful. Meanwhile the non medical doctors who by this stage wanted nothing to do with me and refused me entry back into their mental health facility citing ‘no mental Illness’ although that information was suppressed (documentation in existance) as Dr Gary Persley wrote that I was unstable, in which the information wad not by any assessment as I was seen by regular doctors to be stable and handling the grief well. Sadly the doctor gave me a personality disorder in a seven minute interview under the worst conditions, deliberate or neglegent, either way he lied to the magistrate and DoCS. I did nothing wrong, and I dont have a disorder, he does, and I called him out on it. It went against me and CPS defended him, both of them. Its disgusting what I witnessed and what my children and I have been and still are subjected to. We see our kids six hours per year (1.5hrs quarterly) under strict conditions.

Throughout this entire ordeal, there were ‘No Grounds For Removal’ and to this day ‘no grounds’were found, the court documentation in that regard remains blank. No proof of any allegations by the department have ever been found by any Magistrate. Our family has been torn apart for non other than the gains of the government and religious pursuits to steal children as they have done so since the dark ages. By using a dodgy doctor whose signature counts, then taking out non publication and suppression orders so all accountable bodies were protected is a huge miscarriage of justice. It’s a complex situation create by CPS/DoCS, and they orchestrated their unlawful manouvers as a solution to avoid transparency, which worked for them. The Medical Council of NSW and HCCC accepted my case against the doctor (Dr A) and warned me of reprisals if I put my name on it...I did (put my name to it) then DoCS found out and refused us contact with our kids for a year, also the police went balistic and hurt my family and I alot more.

I have spoken with certain media outlets and they became familiar with the ongoing abuses I have suffered, though because I was still in court at the time there was a conflict of interest. Nobody in the media and legal fields wants to touch my case since Greg James and Barbara Ramjan are involved, also DoCS, as they are powerful entities. Barbara Ramjan is the proclaimed recipient of Tony Abbott's infamous wall punching incident when they attended university together, she has already sued the Sydney Morning Herald when they claimed she was a manufacturer of false complaints...true she is, they got it right, tho they still lost their case. When I speak these names to legals and media they clam up. As I kept fighting I came across the most disgusting people, police were the main culprits in protecting corrupt bodies.

2016 I encountered The Satanic Sgt first hand, I have recordings of the harassment orchestrated by him. I told an MSM oulet of such events, and the Sergeant came down harder. He is named this due to his harassment of Jenny Leong Greens MP in2016, and SMH ran a story on him though wouldn’t release his name. PIC, police integrity commission and I wrote and spoke together on his utter abuse. They confirmed an investigation ‘Operation Colchester’ was underway, though they sent the complaints back to the station where the corrupt Sergeant works, City Central Command, and the commander did nothing to help, he protected him. His name is Sgt Anthony DeFeudis and he terrorised me for a year, both in the station cells and in court, also he sent several officers to harass me at my home. I won that case by a section 33, despite not having a mental illness, it was the only way to be free of legal binds which was a form of harassment and intimidation in itself. I did have a nervous breakdown, so I had just cause. Nowadays I am just glad to be alive and relatively safe (so long as I remain quiet). There are ways to handle this without me being incarcerated or stalked and harassed, especially since mental health have written my breakdown was due to all of the suffering, injustice, harassment of DoCS and police involvement, and I'm writing a book which is painfully slow and agonising, also healing, hoping that I can use it as my affidavit, or a breakdown thereof. I am also hoping to help others suffering through similar experiences. 

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