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Take Action Against Auto Bot Farm Owners - Else we Boycott Buying Packs

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Dear Clash of Kings Team and Elex Inc Team

 For the past months we have been seeing all honest and genuine players abiding the rules as set upon by yourself have kept on complaining about the Clash of Kings Auobot farms and Cheats that have been used by some cheaters and growing at much faster pace.

All the complaints till date are unfortunately falling either to deaf ears or incompetent team that handles and monitors such activities for the Clash of Kings Team. 

It is not surprising that players have started quitting this game, a game which pays no respect to players who play with honesty and integrity. All the lord recall messages are an indication of the desperation of the Clash of Kings Team to stop this. But you have to change your ways. As customers who have contributed to the growth of this company, venture and some who have either paid enough money or valuable time buying your packs or simply making your game a bit more popular and merrier place to spend time. We have a right and demand justice and also severe penalty against players who have been quite evidently using cheats and codes.[If a hive of farms of over 50 are all active at the same time and is driven by one player and you still don't have an answer its not good enough.] An ANSWER that we are UNABLE to find anything wrong is not GOOD ENOUGH!!! 

We have paid money, contributed time and been part of your family and since you control and drive the team you have to find a SOLUTION!!!

We would urge all honest players across all kingdoms to sign this petition and bring a change and please do'nt quit the game!!!



Warm Regards

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