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Come together and help create activities for our youth.

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This petition is to bring awareness to the lack of activities that are available to our youth.We have 30,323 school age children in Clarksville Montgomery County. 6,836 are in middle school and 8,202 are in high school. We have 2 movie theaters, 2 bowling alleys, 2 skating rings, and 1 mall. We need more options for our children. I believe if we had more things for them to do it would help keep them out of the streets which in turn would make for less drug use, gang activity, vandalism, etc. Currently there are 0 arcades, 0 batting cages, 0 go cart tracks, 0 lazer tag. A sports complex could accommodate most of these activites as well as bring in sports that this area currently does not have, such as hockey and or ice skating. There are so many things that could be brought to this community that would be benificial for our youth and the community as a whole. A sports complex is just one of many businesses that could be brought to this community.
When you listen to conversations that the kids today have when they are trying to find something to do it is just sad. It usually goes something like this:
Kid 1:Lets do something,
Kid 2: ok what,
Kid 1:um i don't know do you have any ideas?,
Kid 2:um not really maybe go ride around,
Kid 1:I don't have gas money lets just go to walmart and walk around.
Kid 2: ok we'll probably see someone we know there anyways since theres nothing in this town to do.
I have heard this personally more than once. Yes we do have 2 movie theaters but it cost about $10 to$15 a person to go and it only last about 2 hrs, teenagers can not afford that and neither can the parents especially if you have more than 1 child. There is the 2 bowling alleys but when leagues are playing your chances of getting a lane are slim and on the weekends theres a lot of drinking that goes on there. We do have 2 skating rings but that is mainly geared toward elementary and the younger middle school age kids. There is the mall but if your not shopping they consider you to be loitering. The bottom line is with a town as big as Clarksville we should have more to offer the youth that live here. If there is nothing for them to do, more than likely they will turn to drugs and gang activity simply because they don't have anything else to do.These kids are our future and as adults its our job to make sure they have a fair opportunity to be all they can be and enjoy their youth while interacting with their peers in a healthy and safe environment . I believe we need to at least try to give them more options. Thank you for your time.

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