Get Pad and Tampon Dispensers for Clarkstown South High School

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Dear Clarkstown School District Board of Education,

We would like to bring an important issue to your attention. Our school bathrooms do not  have pad and tampon dispensers. Pads and tampons are necessary supplies for students. If we had them at our school, it would decrease embarrassment and anxiety for those who forget to bring menstrual products to school themselves. This program has started at both Brown University and school districts in New York City, specifically in Queens and the Bronx, areas where people have the most difficult financial situations. The President of the National Organization for Women, Terry O’Neill, says “Feminine hygiene products are not a luxury. They're as essential as toilet paper, just ask anyone who has ever struggled to obtain or afford them. Students' participation in school should not be hindered by insufficient access to this basic necessity.” The World Health Organization and UNICEF reported that over 500 million girls worldwide do not have access to sanitary products for their menstrual cycle. This would be beneficial to students who don’t have access. Some students feel uncomfortable due to social anxiety and other issues to go to the Nurse’s office to get sanitary items. According to the National Mental Health Institute, about 25 percent of teenager have an anxiety disorder. 30 percent of girls have an anxiety disorder while only 20 percent of teenage boys have one. The programs have been viewed favorably by students who have it at their schools. They say how easy and less nerve-wracking it is to have these dispensers in the bathrooms. One girl said “You feel more confident and not as nervous.You just grab it whenever you need it.” This would cause less disruptions in a student’s learning day at school and promote a healthier, supportive environment between students. Thank you for taking your time to read this petition.


The Students of Clarkstown South High School


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