Clark Hunt and The Kansas City Chiefs, do the right thing and reinstate Kenny Bradshaw Jr.

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For our family’s entire life, the one constant thing that was always present has been the love we have for the Kansas City Chiefs. Most of which is due to our father, Ken Bradshaw Sr. Dad retired from working with the Chiefs before the 2018 season and marked a span of 47 years with the team. During that time, he supervised the Chain crew on the sidelines, as well as being a referee for the Chiefs during practices throughout the years. He dedicated a lot of his life to this organization and eventually brought my brother, Kenny Bradshaw Jr. into it when he was 15 years old. My brother exuded the same kind of love and dedication to the franchise. Going into last season Kenny was starting his 19th year with the team. After my father’s retirement not one word was spoken about it from the Chiefs. My brother went out on his own and reached out to Sam Mellinger who then wrote a great story on our father for The Kansas City Star (I will share a link to that story at the bottom of this page).

Kenny Jr. was terminated from the Kansas City Chiefs this past year after the 5th game of the season, a Monday Night Game against the Washington Redskins. A summary of what happened: A new person running the Chain Crew this season did not schedule my brother to work the game. My brother had not missed a game since the early 2000’s. So after he spoke with our father, Kenny decided to show up to the Redskins game to be a back up in case something happened to any of the other crew members. This happened the previous week before when the crew ended up being short. A verbal exchange with the new supervisor ensued during the game. My brother was told to leave the game halfway through the 3rd quarter or further consequences would occur, he then left albeit confused. The next day he was informed of a meeting at Arrowhead that Friday with the Chain Crew Supervisor and his boss. That Friday the Kansas City Chiefs terminated him citing some violation of NFL policy, which no one in my family had ever even heard. From what I have learned this all occurred because the Supervisor (and possibly his boss as well) had a personal vendetta against our father which was the real reason that this all blew up and became a huge deal.

This action is NOT RIGHT! Even if this so-called policy exists, does the punishment really fit the crime here? My family has loyally served this organization for 65+ years combined and to have it end like this has caused so much pain for both my father and brother. My brother does not know that I am starting this petition. He has kept this whole situation pretty quiet, which I can no longer tolerate. I am hoping this petition gets enough attention so Clark Hunt himself sees it. I know all my brother wants is his spot back on the sidelines. I had secretly hoped that one day my son, Nathan, would have the opportunity to be a part of the Chiefs organization to continue this family tradition.

I understand the use of this resource is not normally used for something like this. However, I feel like this was a unique way to draw attention to this wrongdoing. Please help support my brother and our family by signing this petition, in hope that the Kansas City Chiefs and Clark Hunt re-evaluate this unfortunate incident.

 Link to the story on our father.


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