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Provide changing tables at public parks in Clark County

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     Hello my name is Elvis Oliva. I'm a single father of two who would like to bring attention to an unnoticed issue. A trip to any park in the city will show the lack of changing areas in public parks. Physical activity is an important part of every child's day. Spending a day at the park with family is one of the best ways to bond with your kids and help teach them healthy habits starting a young age. Often trips are cut short when children have to use the restroom, the "restrooms" provided can hardly be used and as a parent, my children deserve better.

      Families consisting of younger children and infants face the issue of finding a safe clean place to change a diaper. By adding changing tables to public parks planning a day out can be made easier. Adding changing tables would help alleviate this issue and provide a safe place for infants sanitary needs. Ensuring the safety and comfort infants and children deserve is vital. Improving the conditions of restrooms would help protect our children at a time when safety and sanitation are critical. With the passing of recent legislation I believe that this can be used as a model for adding changing stations to parks. The BABIES Act signed last year mandates changing stations in both male and female restrooms in publicly accessible federal buildings. If the BABIES Act calls for a bathroom with baby changing facilities in every public building, why can't parks have them as well?

      The conditions of most parks throughout Clark County is inadequate for young infants. With a Shortage of places for families to play outdoors throughout town, parks have become a frequent destination. Having dealt with this and having seen others face the same troubles motivated me to take the first step towards change. The goal of this petition is to raise awareness to the lack of changing stations in a place meant for use by everyone. By this reaching the Clark County Parks and Recreation department I believe the first step towards achieving this is possible.

Here is a link for additional information on the BABIES act

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