Please sign this petition to keep your backyards private and community quiet

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This petition is to help preserve the integrity and quaintness of the community on Green Road. 103 town-homes, that were 3 levels high were supposed to be filling the empty land space on Green Road and Clarington Blvd extension. This has been the plan for 2 years. Residents of this area are now facing the reality that town-homes may not go into this space and now may have one 12 storey building, two 6 storey buildings and a row of stacked condos at their front door, looking in their backyards and bringing more traffic to the area. We are asking for the residents to stand with the 103 town-home purchasers and say no to this revised plan and yes to the original. We are asking for this quiet neighbourhood to remain quiet, for the roads to be safe and for our home lives to remain private from prying eyes.

#votefor103 #votetownhomes